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For those who wish to create a lasting impact on ocean conservation, we invite you to consider the powerful act of legacy giving. A bequest or planned gift in your will allows you to shape a future where coral reefs and our oceans flourish. Please reach out to us to learn more about how you can leave a transformative legacy for generations to come.

We also have ongoing fundraising appeals and campaigns that you can participate in to help support our cause.


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Corals Matter

World’s corals are experiencing unprecedented global decline due to the accelerating impacts of climate change, pollution, and unsustainable practices. Traditional conservation efforts are not enough.

Corals are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. Occurring in more than 100 countries and territories. Tropical coral reefs and deep-water corals are vital to human well-being, providing food security, medicines, livelihoods and economic opportunities, and coastal protection for at least 1 billion people across the world.

Join Team Coral to save world’s corals for future generations!

Who We Are

G20 CORDAP is the global initiative to accelerate coral restoration and conservation through targeted R&D, open-source collaboration, and inclusive practices. It was launched by the leaders of G20 nations during the summit held in Riyadh in November 2020.

Following the establishment of the G20 CORDAP Initiative, the Global Platform Foundation to Accelerate Research and Development of Coral Reefs was brought into existence by Royal Decree, number 55643, on the 3rd July 2023.

What We Do

We proactively identify opportunities, establish connections, nurture relationships to forge partnerships, for saving the worlds corals for our future generations.

The CORDAP Foundation’s primary aim is to support the CORDAP mission.

– Secure diverse funding by establishing processes to receive donations, grants, and other forms of global financial support while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

– Provide financial support to fund cutting edge research and projects proposed by our Scientific and Advisory Committee (SAC) and approved by the Initiative’s Governance Committee (IGC).

– Facilitate the receipt of voluntary contributions from private sector, high net-worth individuals, as well as grant-giving foundations and institutions including G20 & non G20 governments and NGOs.

– Ensure accountability through tracking the allocation and disbursement of funds for projects approved by the Scientific and Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Initiative’s Governance Committee (IGC).

Our Solution

CORDAP Foundation provides funding opportunities to support the key programs;

– Research & Development initiatives for coral restoration and conservation.

– Learning and Development opportunities through fellowships, training programs, workshops, and knowledge exchanges for coral sustainability and innovation.

– Entrepreneurship programs for coral revival and to boost jobs in tourism, fisheries, and related industries in underdeveloped economies.

– Awareness campaigns to educate communities worldwide around coral conservation.

We aim to advance next-generation science and technology solutions to safeguard the future of corals and reefs, as well as the communities and economies that depend on them.

Critical Funding Gap for Coral Conservation & Restoration

CORDAP Foundation plays a pivotal role in funding essential coral research across a vast array of priorities. G20 CORDAP is the only international organization fully dedicated to fund global R&D for tropical and cold-water coral restoration and conservation.

However, it faces a critical funding gap that stifles their ability to perform in-depth, long-term research projects for coral restoration & regeneration. This deficiency significantly limits the progress of potentially innovative solutions. Your support is crucial to bridge this gap it will provide G20 CORDAP with the resources to enable researchers and their projects around corals in underdeveloped countries, enabling the development of innovative solutions that directly benefit society.

As part of its commitment to the G20 CORDAP initiative, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, generously providing comprehensive administrative support through the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), at no cost to the initiative. This includes offices, services and staff. This substantial in-kind contribution underscores Saudi Arabia’s leadership in ocean conservation efforts and demonstrates KAUST’s expertise as a world-leading research institution. By assuming these administrative responsibilities, KAUST significantly reduces CORDAP’s operational expenses, allowing greater resources to be directed towards vital research and coral reef restoration projects.

CORDAP Foundation Governance

Our role connecting donors with R&D performers to help secure a future for coral reefs

About Us

The CORDAP Foundation is guided by a team of passionate leaders dedicated to safeguarding the future of our oceans.

Dr. Osama Faqeeha

Chairman Board of Directors

Prof. Carlos M. Duarte

CEO CORDAP Foundation

Eng. Hani Ashqar

Managing Director

Mobile: +966 (0) 544 700507
Office: +966 (12) 808 3331

Hetal Ganatra

International Director of Development

Sadiqa Siddique

Market Research Analyst

Office: +966 (12) 808 3241

Our donors contribute to achieving CORDAP’s mission through one-time or ongoing financial support. This support is essential to the continued success of the organization and allows CORDAP to carry out its work in communities around the world. We are grateful for the generosity of our contributors and the impact they have on the lives of those we serve.

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