CORDAP’s permanent governance structure

Initiative Governing Committee (IGC)

An international committee consisting of G20 nations, non-G20 nations, and international organizations that oversees CORDAP and approves its strategic plans, operating procedures, approves fund allocations to research projects recommended by the Scientific and Advisory Committee, and more.

Scientific and Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific and Advisory Committee (SAC) comprises renowned international coral scientists, managers, and engineers, assists the Initiative Governing Committee by providing guidance and recommendations on CORDAP’s overall strategy, funding program priorities, resource allocation, and deliverables.

The SAC monitors project performance, reviews the results of the overall Platform program, and delivers its evaluation and recommendations to the IGC.


Platform Central Node (PCN)

A Central Node administers the overall Platform, supporting the IGC and SAC.

CORDAP’s Central Node is based at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and is fully supported by KAUST, as an in-kind contribution from Saudi Arabia.




Dr. Osama Faqeeha

Deputy Minister of

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

Saudi Arabia


Jennifer Koss


NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

United States


Prof. Carlos M. Duarte

Distinguished Professor

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Saudi Arabia


CORDAP members
in brief

Membershio Type

Decision making?

Who qualifies?

Founding members

Yes (consensus-
deciding members)

Any G-20 nation

Invited members

Yes (consensus-
deciding members)

Any non-G20 nation committed to coral reef conservation and restoration and willing to contribute to the Platform

Supporting members

No (advisory)

Any inter-governmental or non-governmental organization that provides funding or in-kind contributions—including essential expertise—to support the Platform

Observer and Advisory

No (advisory)

Any individual or organization committed to coral reef conservation and restoration

Executive Director

No (advisory)

Responsible for the operations of the CN

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