A G20 initiative

The Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform – CORDAP – was launched in 2020 by the G20 to fast-track research and development solutions to save the world’s corals.

CORDAP will bring together the best minds worldwide, in a transdisciplinary approach, to accelerate and scale up the development of new technologies that support international coral conservation efforts needed to secure a future for tropical coral reefs and deep-water corals.

The window to save the corals is closing

Over two-thirds of the world’s coral reefs have been lost due to human activity, and the remaining 70% to 90% of global coral reefs may disappear in the next 10-15 years.

For the first time, the functionality of an entire ecosystem that supports millions of species and people may be lost at the hands of humans.

How corals benefit us



Corals support the livelihoods of 500 million people directly.

Coral reef-related tourism produces US $36 billion per year.

Reduce expected storm damages by more than US $4 billion annually.

Lower the total number of people affected by flooding by 45% annually.

Total economic goods and services: about US $2.7 trillion per year.



Corals cover 0.2% of the ocean floor but support at least 25% of all marine species.

Shelter an estimated 32% of all named marine species.

Total ecosystem services: nearly US $10 trillion per year (almost equal to the annual GDP of China)


Total benefit

US $12.7 trillion per year.
(Over 15% of worldwide annual GDP).

We need to innovate on behalf of corals

Current coral restoration is among the most expensive restoration, is dominated by short-term projects, suitable only for small-scale intervention, and has the lowest success rate.

Innovative technical solutions and large scale wide interventions are needed to safe the corals and reefs.

A new


Unique in its time-sensitive mission, G20 CORDAP will support, complement, and scale up existing and new initiatives working on coral conservation, resilience, adaptation, and restoration.


Focused on research and development

CORDAP is the only international organization fully dedicated to funding global research and development for coral restoration and conservation.


Transdisciplinary international collaborations

By integrating the abilities of the world’s best scientific minds in collaborative projects, CORDAP aims to develop effective and scalable solutions that can be transferred to coral conservation practitioners.



Committed to scalability

Most coral restoration methods are suitable only for small-scale intervention. CORDAP-funded projects will accelerate the research and development of next-generation solutions to conserve and restore corals and reefs at a much broader scale, delivering far greater impact.


Open to all

CORDAP ‘s open-source platform will allow any organization to advance and use the platform’s technologies.

We welcome the participation of anyone with workable ideas for solving this issue.

How CORDAP Operates

By integrating the problem-solving abilities of the world’s best scientific minds in collaborative projects, CORDAP aims to develop effective, scalable solutions that can be transferred to and scaled up by, coral conservation practitioners. 

CORDAP’s open-source platform will allow any organization to advance and use the platform’s technologies.

All donations and contributions to CORDAP will go directly to coral restoration R&D activities through a dedicated foundation.

CORDAP Funding Awards

The Coral Accelerator Program (CAP) 2022 will award funds to multinational collaborative teams with impactful ideas that lead to significant discoveries, innovations, and improvements in coral conservation and restoration.

News & Events

Scoping Studies: Coral Assisted Adaptation Workshop

Assisted adaptation is the use of human interventions to speed up the natural evolutionary process. Used effectively, it could potentially allow coral species to adapt faster than they would if left unaided, allowing reefs and corals to keep pace with the...

Kick-starting CORDAP’s 2023 Scoping Studies

CORDAP launches scoping studies that will guide our use of resources to create the best possible outcomes for corals. As part of our Strategic Plan (2022-25), the CORDAP Scientific and Advisory Committee recommended that short, low-cost scoping and design studies...

CORDAP at COP 15 Montreal

The 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity will bring together governments worldwide to set new goals and develop an action plan for nature over the next decade.  COP15 will focus on protecting nature and...

No coral left behind

CORDAP event at COP 27: Ocean Pavilion

CORDAP event at COP 27: Advancing R&D to secure a future for coral reefs in a warmer oceanTuesday, November 8, 2022 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone, COP 27 CORDAP will host the event 'Advancing Research & Development to Secure a Future for Coral...

Morgan Bennett-Smith

No Coral Reef Left Behind G20 side-event in Bali

G20 Indonesia 2022 Side Event No Coral Left BehindOn Sunday, August 28, CORDAP will co-host in Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia, the G20 side event No Coral Reef Left Behind in partnership with the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) and the Indonesia Coral Reef Garden...

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