September 28, 2023

CORDAP joins ICRI to advance global coral reef conservation efforts

In a significant development for coral reef conservation, CORDAP has officially become a member of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), a prominent global alliance of organizations dedicated to safeguarding coral reefs. This momentous membership was formally accepted during the 37th ICRI General Meeting held in Hawaii from September 19th to the 23rd.

CORDAP and ICRI share closely aligned objectives, highlighting their commitment to the preservation and revitalization of coral reefs. CORDAP‘s core mission revolves around expediting the development and dissemination of innovative approaches to amplify the scale and diminish the cost of interventions—an aspiration that resonates strongly with ICRI‘s overarching goals. Both organizations prioritize capacity-building and the active engagement of coastal communities, fostering self-reliance in the implementation of efficient and affordable conservation and restoration solutions.

The collaborative synergy between ICRI and CORDAP has already been established through a robust working partnership. ICRI holds a pivotal role as a key Advisory Member of the CORDAP Initiative Governing Committee. Together, CORDAP and ICRI have actively collaborated on various initiatives, including their co-hosting of the ICRI event, ‘United for a Decade of Conservation Action #ForCoral,’ at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s COP15 in Montreal.

As a newly admitted member of ICRI, CORDAP is poised to partake in a multitude of initiatives, facilitating close collaboration with experts and peers from across the globe. This partnership promises to significantly advance the cause of coral reef conservation on a global scale.