Abdulrahman Kamal

Marketing lecturer at the University of Jeddah and PhD student at Swansea University

Abdulrahman Kamal teaches Marketing at the University of Jeddah. Throughout his academic journey, Abdulrahman has been dedicated to sustainability issues, drawing inspiration from the resilience of the Red Sea’s coral ecosystems. Having initially pursued a Master degree on Tourism and Hospitality Management from Temple University (USA), his current research explores the impact of ecolabels on scuba diving sustainability, aiming to align business objectives with both ecological and social priorities. He has actively contributed to discussions on sustainable marine tourism at conferences and in media. Abdulrahman’s vision is one where tourism businesses fully realise their potential success, achieving economic achievements in harmony with environmental and social well-being.

“Whenever I dive in the Red Sea, I’m captivated by the magic of corals. They’re not just beautiful; they’re essential, supporting a rich web of marine life. To me, they symbolise resilience and collaboration—how tiny elements can unite to form a thriving system. They serve as a daily nudge, reminding me of the harmony we should strive for in our actions and decisions. Corals drive my commitment to sustainable practices, emphasising the importance of growing responsibly without harming our environment.“