Adrien Poquet

Marine biologist, PhD in cnidarian biology

Adrien is a long-term ocean and marine life enthusiast. He first discovered the wonders of marine ecosystems as a child, visiting Nausicaà, the second-largest aquarium in Europe. After gaining experience in coral biology in the Red Sea and Switzerland as part of the Tara Pacific expedition internship, Adrien completed his PhD in cnidarian biology, focusing on the physiological and genetic resistance of cnidarians to environmental disturbances. Later, Adrien decided to dedicate his career to raising awareness about coral reefs, working collaboratively with researchers, public administration, fishermen, local communities, and other stakeholders. As a photographer and videographer, Adrien aims to draw attention to solutions and sources of hope that can help secure a safe future for corals.

“I’ll never cease to be amazed by tropical reefs. Limestone mountains covered with living tissue, capable of performing all the functions an organism needs to survive. The assembly they form is the foundation for the survival of thousands of other species. In a context of global collapse, perceptible here in Polynesia, the challenge will be to determine where to concentrate preservation efforts in the hope that, one day, what has been preserved can become the cradle for recolonizing the rest of the reef.“