Boosting coral resilience with nutritional supplements

Project title: Super Supplement: Boosting coral resilience through nutritional subsidies
Project lead: Emma Camp
Nations involved: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Monaco
Supporting institutions: University of Technology Sydney, Centre Scientifique de Monaco, Moonsoon Aquatics, CoralKU, University of Malaya, Gili Matra Bersama Foundation/Coral Catch, Gili Shark Conservation
Total budget: $1,426,397
Duration: 36 months

Like humans, corals need a balanced diet of key vitamins and minerals to thrive, particularly when they’re under stress. Working together, the team aims to boost coral resilience during periods of heat stress by using a customised nutritional supplement called ‘CoraBoost’. Because corals are typically found in low-nutrient waters, ‘CoraBoost’ will help foster the health and resilience of reef corals by improving the quality and quantity of nutrients available to them, thereby providing a critically important tool for future reef restoration efforts.