Christine Ferrier-Pagès

Researcher and Team leader of the Ecophysiology and Ecology group, Scientific Centre of Monaco

Christine began her graduate work at the Marine Station of Villefranche-sur-Mer (Paris VI University-CNRS), focusing on the recycling and uptake of nitrogen by microorganisms. Subsequently, she held a postdoctoral position to further investigate the functioning of the microbial loop. In 1994, Christine relocated to the Scientific Centre of Monaco, where she initiated her research on coral physiology. Since 2001, she has been leading the Ecophysiology team, dedicated to understanding the cnidarian dinoflagellate symbiosis and coral reef biology. Christine’s research primarily focuses on exploring the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic factors on coral physiology. Additionally, she is intrigued by the interplay between auto-and heterotrophy in corals, as well as the effects of inorganic nutrient enrichment and depletion on coral metabolism.

“Corals are masters of adaptation and resilience. They have evolved complex mechanisms to thrive in nutrient-poor waters and withstand environmental stresses.”