Floating fluorometers and heat-tolerant algae

Project title: Novel bio-optical tools for scaling up coral restoration practices in cooperatively managed reef systems in the Pacific
Project lead: Kenneth Hoadley
Countries involved: USA (inc. Guam), Fiji
Supporting institutions: University of Delaware, University of Guam, Reef Explorers Fiji
Total budget: $1,459,021
Duration: 36 months

The project aims to field-test an innovative optical method, namely a submersible fluorometer that monitors fluorescence, to characterize the thermal stress tolerance of the symbiotic algae which live inside corals. The team will develop a low-cost system for measuring the physiology of the algae to help restoration projects select thermally tolerant coral colonies quickly and non-invasively. This user-friendly system processes and integrates large amounts of data and will provide a useful tool for informing restoration projects.