Jana Winderen

Sound artist

Jana Winderen is an artist based in Norway with a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology. Her practice pays particular attention to audio environments and to creatures which are hard for humans to access, both physically and aurally – deep under water, inside ice or in frequency ranges inaudible to the human ear. Her activities include site-specific and spatial audio installations and concerts, which have been exhibited and performed internationally in major institutions and public spaces.
Jana Winderen was the first Artist in Residence of CORDAP’s program, collaborating with coral researchers from KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) specialized in the acoustic environment of coral ecosystems. During her residency with CORDAP, Jana captured the soundscapes of the Red Sea’s coral reefs, using hydrophones to record the sound that coral communities produce.

“Corals are in a very critical position now. It is an issue that needs to be put to attention.“