Omar Yusuf

Marine researcher and diver

Omar Yusuf is a driven and dedicated early career marine researcher, conservationist, and diver from Mombasa, Kenya. He specializes in scientific diving, coral reef restoration, and ecological monitoring. His work focuses on developing innovative, cost-effective solutions for coral reef restoration to support community-led initiatives in the Western Indian Ocean region. With a deep commitment to environmental conservation, Omar has made significant contributions to the field, including spearheading the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration (MARRS) project in the Wasini Channel, Kenya. Additionally, he led the Snorkeling Reef Project, which aims to reduce dependency on diving for coral reef restoration.

“My community, like many other communities in the world, depends on coral reefs for their sustenance and survival. Hailing from the small island town of Mombasa, I grew up loving and appreciating corals from a very young age. I eventually turned my passion into a profession by studying marine science and later becoming a coral ecology researcher and an active coral reef restoration practitioner.”