Paige Strudwick

Postdoctoral coral researcher

Paige is a postdoctoral researcher with the Coral Nurture Program (CNP) and Future Reefs research group at the University of Technology Sydney, based in Far North Queensland (Australia).

During her PhD, Paige investigated coral-associated bacterial communities and their role in facilitating propagation and out-planting corals on the Great Barrier Reef. Currently, she coordinates with local reef stakeholders to implement coral propagation and out-planting at high-value reef sites. Additionally, she is focused on increasing the sustainability of reef restoration approaches and the resilience of coral reefs by developing methods to select more naturally tolerant coral “parents”.
Paige is an enthusiastic science communicator, responsible for communicating and disseminating CNP research and activities through social media channels.


“Coral reefs inspire me with their endless intricacy and beauty. The wealth of diverse life they support below and above the water is astounding. They are a natural wonder of the world and should be preserved for future generations to appreciate, explore and be inspired by.“