Reem Al Mealla

Researcher and Marine Ecologist

Reem Al Mealla is a nature lover by default, a marine biologist by profession and a climate advocate by concern. She is the first Bahraini woman field ecologist and holds a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Essex (UK). Her passion for ocean exploration and conservation has seen her work on reefs and other marine ecosystems in countries such as Bahrain, Indonesia, Madagascar, Seychelles, and South Africa. She specialises in coral reef ecology and has nearly 15 years of field research experience in tropical and sub-tropical environments. Her research interests include reef carbonate budgets, population genetics, utilizing nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in addition to environmental policies. Lastly, she was awarded the Abel Imray Award (joint) from the University of Essex for the best outstanding research project of the year 2010 in an ecological based project and the M.E.I (Motivational. Empowering and Inspiring) Women’s Award in 2017 by the University of Essex in celebration of International Women’s Day.