February 12, 2023

Kick-starting CORDAP’s 2023 Scoping Studies

CORDAP launches scoping studies that will guide our use of resources to create the best possible outcomes for corals.

As part of our Strategic Plan (2022-25), the CORDAP Scientific and Advisory Committee recommended that short, low-cost scoping and design studies should be completed to guide future investment in areas where clear directions are needed. In January 2023, we launched a series of Scoping Workshops, bringing together the best minds available, to help us assess priority R&D investment goals in key areas to help save the world’s corals.

The Scoping Studies focus on a range of activities, including creating a summary of existing knowledge, setting out recommended options and priorities for our Research and Development (R&D) investment, and creating roadmaps to guide future funding and to benefit interested third parties.

Drawn from 12 countries, 53 participants included academic, industry-based and technology experts, scientists in coral reef ecology and experts in marine restoration, engineering, and aquaculture from across four developing and 8 developed nations. The initial workshops were organized at the end of January 2023 and hosted by CORDAP’s Platform Central Nonde at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), with the first workshop led by participants from the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS) and the second workshop co-hosted by the KAUST Reefscape Restoration Initiative.

Workshop 1: Assisted Adaptation

Workshop 2: Exploring the Frontier of Coral Aquaculture

Assisted Adaptation Workshop