Progress Report 2023

The Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform – CORDAP – was launched in 2020 by the G20 to fast-track research and development (R&D) solutions to save the world’s corals. Since then, CORDAP has been bringing together experts from across the world, crossing disciplinary boundaries with one common goal – to halt and reverse the decline of our corals and reefs. This report outlines our progress so far and our vision for the future.

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Donor’s Brochure

CORDAP is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible for coral conservation and restoration by supporting projects that will unlock the innovation needed to save corals and reefs worldwide. Our donors contribute to achieving CORDAP’s mission through one-time or ongoing financial support. This support is essential to the continued success of the organization and allows CORDAP to carry out its work in communities around the world. Find out here the contribution opportunities and the associated benefits.

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News & Events

Gregory Piper corals

Can we save all the world’s coral?

We believe science is redefining what’s possible.It’s our mission to save all corals. Some experts suggest this is impossible. But it is precisely the role of science to redefine the boundaries of the possible.Corals and reefs are among the most vulnerable...

Scoping Studies: Coral Assisted Evolution Workshop

Assisted evolution is the use of human interventions to speed up the natural evolutionary process. Used effectively, it could potentially allow coral species to adapt faster than they would if left unaided, allowing reefs and corals to keep pace with the...

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Image: Qui Nguyen