February 14, 2024

E1 and CORDAP are joining forces #ForCoral

E1 and CORDAP are collaborating to raise awareness and help deliver innovative science and technology to save corals

Over two-thirds of the world’s reefs have already been lost due to human activity, and the remaining 70-90 percent of global coral reefs may disappear in the next 10-15 years. To help raise awareness about the urgent need to protect and restore coral reefs worldwide, CORDAP has launched a new collaboration with E1 series, the world’s first official electric raceboat championship. 

E1’s CEO Rodi Basso signed an MOU with CORDAP at COP28 in UAE and CORDAP was proud to be at the championship’s inaugural race, held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on February 2-3, 2024.

Powerboats helping to power change

E1 are committed to restoring our coastal waters and ecosystems for present and future generations, through innovative clean technologies and aquatic regeneration. Executive Director, Prof. Carlos M. Duarte is Chief Scientist for E1 and he will play an instrumental role in helping them develop the Blue Cities League, a coalition towards creating a positive impact in urban coastal restoration.

“More than 50% of human populations live in coastal cities, so with E1 we hope to demonstrate that it’s possible to restore and repair ecosystems in the waterfronts of cities,” explains Carlos Duarte.

Racing towards a win for the world’s oceans

Several coral scientists and the CORDAP team attended the race to share information on our work, while Prof. Carlos Duarte took part in a panel discussion to help highlight the urgent need for action to protect the world’s corals.

He was joined by Didier Drogba, ex-captain of Ivory Coast football team and owner of E1’S Team Drogba, and Rick Fox, three-time NBA champion and CEO of Partanna, the company behind the world’s first building material to actively absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Using their personal insights into the importance of perseverance, the sporting legends discussed how it is possible to seize victory from the jaws of defeat, while Carlos Duarte drew parallels with the need to tackle climate change and meet biodiversity goals, even if the odds seem stacked against us and we’re running out of time.

Through this new partnership with CORDAP, E1 will continue to help raise awareness of the critical state of corals globally, while developing education programmes and driving tangible action in each city they race in. 

Join our mission to drive impactful change and find out more about E1’s work to reduce the environmental impact of boat racing.

Photo credits: E1 series