February 20, 2024

UN Ocean Decade endorses CORDAP’s contribution to restoring and conserving corals

We are pleased to announce that CORDAP has been endorsed as a Decade Action by the Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), as part of the UN Ocean Decade

CORDAP has been acknowledged as contributing to the UN Ocean Decade, a shared global scientific effort to transition from the ‘ocean we have’ to the ‘ocean we want’ – one that supports a sustainable, equitable and healthy future for all.

Running till January 2031, the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is co-ordinated by the IOC. It provides a convening framework for global scientists and stakeholders and is committed to helping reverse the decline of oceanic health and supporting transformative science solutions.

Building partnerships that cross-disciplinary and industry divides, the Ocean Decade community are working together to generate the ideas, knowledge and data needed to achieve a better understanding of the ocean system, and deliver science-based solutions to achieve the 2030 Agenda on SDGs.

Helping to deliver a healthier ocean

As an implementor of the Ocean Decade, CORDAP’s commitment to delivering the best science and technology to save corals means that our goals and objectives align with and complement many of the existing endorsed Ocean Decade programmes.

How we’re supporting the UN Ocean Decade as a Decade Action:

  • Funding and delivering the best novel scientific and technological solutions to conserve and restore corals and coral reefs
  • Developing and sharing novel scientific tools
  • Connecting existing national, regional, and international R&D programs
  • Supporting a gender-balanced, transdisciplinary global community of scientists, technologists, and innovators to achieve our coral conservation goals
  • Providing advanced R&D training to scientists from developing and least-developed countries, including facilitating access to information and research facilities.


Maintaining and restoring the world’s coral reefs will help to deliver on many of the key global goals that have been set for 2030. 


Corals have a key role to play in ocean health. Although they cover less than 0.2% of the seafloor, reefs support at least 25% of marine species, making them essential to maintaining the Earth’s biodiversity. They also provide food security, support livelihoods and offer coastal protection for at least 500 million people across the world.

Our events at the Ocean Decade Conference

CORDAP will participate in the Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona from April 9-12 to discuss the science we need for the coral ecosystems we want, and to expande opportunities for ocean exploration. We will be hosting two events, Science Requirements to Meet the Global Biodiversity Framework for Coral Reefs and Widening Opportunities for Ocean Exploration in the Decade. Additionally, we will also participate in The Coral Breakthrough event organized by ICRI.

Our main discussion points at the conference will revolve around the scientific prerequisites for meeting the Global Biodiversity Framework for Coral Reefs. Our goal is to devise a roadmap of priority areas in science and technology that can be activated under the UN Decade of Ocean Science. Furthermore, we will showcase activities and opportunities within the philanthropically-operated research fleet along with their cutting-edge assets to enhance connections between researchers and the philanthropic sector. 

Find out more about the program and events of the Ocean Decade Conference. 

Read our latest progress report to find out more about our work is supporting global goals.

Join us and support a better future #ForCoral